Day Four Volcano Challenge Completed

When I thought about summiting seven volcanos I had not thought about how different each one would be from the other.  Today we summited Chicabal and it was very different to the prior three volcanos (as a reminder, Tocana, Tajulmuco, Santa Maria).  The hike (run) to the top was short and steep, the prize, being on top of the rim of a crater lake, beautiful, peaceful, serene, it was a reward to be in this sacred Mayan location.  It was a must to descend to the crater lake and run around the lake and feel a oneness with nature and how secluded it felt to be there, protected by the crater rising above the lake for hundreds of feet.   The summiting of number four felt great knowing that we were more than halfway done with our challenge. Number five tomorrow, San Pedro, rising above Atitlan lake in Central America.  A difficult ascent to the summit ahead and also a great feeling of anticipation for seeing how different San Pedro will be. 

Loving life when I have completed volcano number four.