Day Five Volcano Challenge Completed

Atitlan lake is surrounded by four volcanos, twelve towns and vistas to die for.  It really was an amazing setting for day five of our challenge.  As we looked out over the lake it almost as if the lake is protected by the volcanos.  They rise from the shores of the lake with a prominence and gravitas that makes for an awe-inspiring feeling drawing us to take the challenge to go to the top of a volcano.  And so, we headed towards the town of San Pedro by water taxi.  We hit the shores and were ready to climb, and up we went, over 4,000 feet up, a natural stair master of sorts.  The hike was hard but also interesting.  We passed through fields of coffee trees, found a tree swing to entertain us, and befriended some of the chuchos (the dogs that live on the streets).  The hike was amazing and before we realized we had reached the summit and were on the way down and back in town.  Day five completed and what a great feeling it was.  Just two to go –Acatenango and Fuego and a great experience it will be as we will be camping out and summiting the seventh in the sunrise of Monday. 

Loving life when I have completed volcano number five.