Our Favorites

We travel the THPL journey and along the way we have the opportunity to compare and contrast all that we experience.  And while much of it we enjoy, there are parts that are just better than others.  So, what is it that makes something our favorite?  Sometimes it is just a feeling, other times it is because there are attributes that we are pre-disposed too.  We might like a hilly run, a scary movie, an adventure book, and so it goes, on and on. When we really know what is our favorite we can look for things that meet our criteria and find some things we like that are similar and feel good.  Maybe a hilly bike ride instead of a run, a scary book instead of a movie and so on.  We can make new favorites by how we go about the journey.  And when we do we really make it more enjoyable and one of our favorites….

Loving life when I am doing my favorite things