In-between meals

For all that we do on the THPL journey, there really is no way we can get to the levels that we know we can get to without the right kind of nutrition plan.  Even our wonderful brain needs calories (carbohydrates) to operate.  And a proper nutrition plan is the way to get from planning to doing and to do it at a very high level.  While much of our food focus is on the core meals per day it is important to design a snacking strategy so that we can operate a level of optimal performance.  And yes, there are a lot of packaged options and they should be included in our plan, however, there are a lot of homemade alternatives that we should embrace including yogurt and berries, home-made trail mix, sweet potatoes, a power smoothie, superfood muffins and many other ideas of our choosing. We just need to focus on the nutrient profile, staying natural and making it easy to eat and of great taste.  Once we have this locked in we can add these in-between items on a daily basis and use them to get us from one activity to another.  We will be better for it and feel great as a result.  A good outcome for us, that is for sure.

Loving life when I am eating in-between meals often.