Roped in

Along the way, on the THPL journey, it is possible that we might do some climbing or mountaineering.  And when we do it is critical that we “rope in”.  This creates a safety system whereby a rope and harness that we are wearing is connected to another fixed point (an anchor, a person). We do this because if anything is to go wrong we have a built-in safety system.  Sort of like wearing a seatbelt in a car - we do these things and 99% of the time we don’t leverage the system.  Then there are the times that are unexpected when being “roped in” saves our lives.  This came to be into play a few days ago on the route up Mt. Everest when two Sherpa climbers fell into a crevasse while traversing the ladders that are used to allow the climber to get across the crevasse.  The safety system worked, and no one was hurt and the team was able to recover from a very dangerous situation.  So, no matter what our circumstance when there is a safety system that we can use – we have to use it.  We never know if we will need them but for sure when we need them we want to be protected.  Another great way to make it through our THPL journey.

Loving life when I am roped in