Our THPL journey, when we are not on a big adventure, has a rather predictable schedule to it.  And it all starts on Monday, just after our weekend, when hopefully we got in some extracurricular activities, took on a challenge, did something different. With a good start to the week on Monday, lots of things fall into place.  And to make this happen we need to get good at our transition from the weekend to the core week.  We want to set ourselves up for keeping our THPL life framework in place – we need to make time for more than just work – Life, Learning, Fitness, they all require time and diligence and we need to keep the balance when it is easy to let it all drift and move to the weekend.  Alas, we cannot do this, we need to stay the course, resist the “work-only” pull and make the week just as good as the weekend.  Monday is the key, when we get off to a good start it carries forward nicely.  So, as we get ready for Monday let’s recommit to ourselves that we are going to live our version of THPL this week and make it a good one.  We will be happier and better for it.

Loving life when I start the week well