What we eat

There are some topics that are highly impactful to our overall THPL journey. They have a real effect on our experience, our ability to perform, to feel good and to take care of ourselves.  What we eat is one of these topics.  And it is good to remind ourselves that food serves so multiple purposes – yes, it is fuel but it also can provide comfort, nutrition, a feeling of tradition and more. It is good, therefore, for us to be quite considerate in the choices that we make when we eat.  We need to be conscious and thoughtful – have we considered why we chose to eat what we ate and when we eat it?  It is important for us to develop habits that support us as we make decisions about what we eat.   When we do this our food choices get better, we feel better and we can do more and more.  Let’s enjoy some really good food!

Loving life when I eat properly