There is no one type

There are many things to observe while on the THPL journey and equally as many insights and conclusions that we can come to from what we see.  While it does take a bit of effort and focus to be good at observation with a little energy we can make it happen.  And when we do focus on observing one of the things that we realize is there really is no single type of person who takes on the challenges and adventures that are on our THPL journey.  We do not have to be tall or short, fast or slow, or anything for that matter to do something, all we have to do is to be interested, put in a sincere effort, and care about how well we can do when we are focused.  It is reassuring and empowering when we realize that we can indeed do anything we want to because there is no “one type” that we have to be to do what we want to, Amen

Loving life when I can do anything I want