On this THPL journey inspiration comes from places unexpected, at moments when we least expect, when we are just doing our thing.  And the inspiration that we can see and feel is only there when we are open to seeing it and feeling it and appreciating it for what it can do for us.  We know what is inspiring because it makes us feel different, it brings us to places in our hearts and our heads that we normally don’t go, and it is a catalyst for action. 

From New Zealand, the Palmerston North Boy’s School brings inspiration by the way that they go about educating and actively encouraging and developing the qualities of reliability, honesty, concern for others and leadership.  In the video link below the boys show their respect for a retiring teacher that they admire.  The intensity to their sendoff is off the charts.  It is so sincere, so impactful, so authentic that it is hard not feel inspired to do things at a different level.  We need more examples like this – that is for sure….

Loving life when I am inspired