Ready for anything

Our travels along the THPL journey teach us to be prepared, prepared for all of the things that we have to know, what can go wrong, and even the things that we have not even thought about.  But maybe, more than anything, what we have to be ready for is when things don’t go our way when we don’t get to the finish line when the score is not the way we want when we don’t have the outcome we expected.  It happened on Everest this past week when the oxygen bottles needed to summit were damaged.  So, after months of being on the mountain and not being able to summit the team was left with a disappointment of sorts – not making it to the summit is challenging for sure but it is really the mental disappointment that we have to work on.  And since most of what we do has some risk of non-completion we need to be ready for potential disappointment.  It takes practice and a level of acceptance that might be beyond what we understand but it really is important that we ready ourselves for those things that might destabilize us and when we do this it will give us a much better chance of accepting what might not be exactly what we want..... but is just all part of the journey

Loving life when I am ready for anything