When things go sideways

Even the simplest of plans on our THPL journey have the opportunity to sprout and grow into more than originally planned.  This is good for us and also fun as it exciting to take what we do to the next level.  And we all know, though, that simple does not mean easy and simple also does not mean that it is a lock that we will get it done.  The true differentiators come out when that simple plan is turned upside down by circumstance, the unknown, or some other exogenous factor (eg. weather, obstacles).  It is at the moment when things go sideways that we test our THPL resolve.  Let’s not allow anything to take us off our game.  There is nothing good that comes from allowing the moment to take over.  Let’s trust ourselves and what we are capable of and all will be good for years to come, 

Loving life when I don’t go sideways