We know it when we see it or feel it.  There are those moments on the THPL journey when we would consider an action to be magnanimous.  Yes, that would be a great compliment and something that we should strive for.  Magnanimous is the virtue of being great of mind and heart. It encompasses, usually, a refusal to be petty, a willingness to face danger, and actions for noble purposes.   Imagine giving your dinner to a friend even when you had not eaten all day.  Or saying congratulations to a competitor when they do better than us.  Not holding a grudge and free from petty resentfulness.  Yes, indeed, these are the kind of situations, circumstances, approaches that we should aspire to.  There is a great appreciation for magnanimous efforts and we should contribute our fair share while on our THPL journey. 

Loving life when I witness a magnanimous gesture