Road tripping

As we enter the Memorial Day weekend in the US we have the opportunity to start to think about how we are going to spend our summer in THPL style. The weather is getting warmer, the sun stays out longer and the pull to be outside ever present.  And what better way to take maximum advantage of this season that with a good road trip.  A road trip has so many great elements to it – it allows us to discover extraordinary places, play out our curious side, meet amazing people and find the unexpected.  A good road trip is memorable and also something that we can share with others.  It takes little to do – just a thought, a direction and the will to go.   The rest of it all just starts to fall into place and makes this part of our journey just that much better.  Here’s to road tripping and enjoying just being on a real journey.  Sounds like the time to plan the next road trip, yea baby!

Loving life when I am on a road trip