What happens

There are the days, on the THPL journey, that we take on big challenges and we know that it is going to be difficult.  We start with a good attitude and an understanding of how we are going to feel.  And yet, there are still those moments when we encounter that uncomfortable feeling and it stays with us for a while and then a bit of doubt creeps in and our mind starts to wander to places that we know we don’t want to go.  It is at these moments when we need to take that deep breath and pull out our THPL techniques for these situations.  We know that it is going to be uncomfortable, so we assess, is it just the pain that the event brings to us?  What can we do to ameliorate the pain?  How do we embrace the situation knowing it will not be permanent?  In our THPL “kit bag” we have answers to these questions and that is where we need to go.  Once we do the situation starts to improve and the target becomes reachable. That is, after all, the THPL way

Loving life when I find a path forward.