The power of nature

It is hard to take the THPL journey and not feel nature up close.  Whether we are taking on a big challenge and getting clobbered by rain, snow, heat, wind or hearing about the conditions in some other part of the world it is easy to feel the power of nature.  And from what we have been seeing on the news about the volcanos in Hawaii it is hard not to feel the impact even if it is far away.  To watch the massive lava flows as they ooze like burnt marshmallows that creep across everything in its path leaving a smoldering trail of destruction.  The pictures coming across the wire services are dramatic and alarming and we are reminded that the power of nature is beyond anything we can imagine, build or contemplate.  We really are just invited house guests on mother earth and everyone once in a while she reminds us of that. Check out the link below to a time lapse of what this amazing phenomenon.  Mother nature wins….and we respect her for all that she does for us – thanks, for sure…..

Loving life when I see nature in action