Giro d'Italia 2018

If ever there was a journey that reflected what we want to think of as a THPL journey it is the grand tours of cycling.  There are three each year, each three weeks in length.  The first in Italy, the second in France (the Tour de France) and the third in Spain.  For three weeks the riders battle it out on the road, in the mountains, pushing themselves to their physical limits every day knowing that they have to get up and do it again and again.  The Giro di Italia has been going for four days and it is living up to what we expect.  The difficulty created by competition and terrain the bottom line is that what the guys do is just amazing and remarkable. To get to this level requires physical gifts and hard, hard training.  It will be fun to see who endures the Dolomites and crosses the finish line on that last day in the pink jersey that is reserved for the general classification winner.  Stay tuned and cheer them on – it is a THPL experience for sure.

Loving life when the Giro is on!