More time

For those of us who have been on our THPL journey for any amount of time, we know that one of the immutable facts is that there are 168 hours in a week.  And we also know that when we are having a good go of it, and our journey is feeling great, that we are using our 168 hours very well.  Then there are those times when we want more time, that 168 seems not to be enough to get all that we need to get done…..done.  When we hit these moments, it is a good signal that it is time to do an assessment of where we are on our journey.  What is it that is eating up our time, how can we do better with time management and are we are stretched too thin – can defer some of what we are doing to another time?  Bottom line is that we need to be diligent about our 168 hours and how we use them and the theme is about being effective with time, not just using it up.  The 168 hour is our “canary in the coal mine” for how life is going, let’s stay tuned into our weeks and how they go.  The more we connect and reflect the better, for 

Loving life when I am managing my 168