Leave no trace

A big part of the THPL journey is story writing and storytelling.  It in effect is an outcome of how we live.  We do it in ways not expected, every day, as we are pushing forward with our themes of Life, Learning and Fitness.  We all have our own story and innately we know that there is no “right way”, and yet there are sometimes when we are working hard at trying to get others to conform to our way rather than trying to understand choices that others make. Watching the trailer for the film “Leave No Trace” gets us to thinking about choices and decisions and how it is it that we are supposed to live.  We probably expect no perfect answer to the question, and yet it is still quite interesting and thought-provoking to absorb the story as told and think about how we feel about the idea that we might indeed not need to be rescued……


Loving life when I can listen to someone’s story