Flag day

As THPLers, we like Flag Day, even though it is a seemingly innocuous day that simple is there to commemorate the Flag’s adoption in 1777.  Why is it then that we have a Flag Day or a national anthem?  What is it about these “institutions” that continue to “hold space” for us even as society evolves and changes.    It sort or mimics much of what we do with our THPL life – that is – we hold true certain beliefs, truths, and values and from this we create a foundation for a sound society, a vibrant life, one where we can live with respect for each other, appreciation for where we live and an understanding of all that we are blessed to have.  So, yes, we need these symbols, these institutions as they connect and bind us even when we are different.  We all want to be part of something and the flag is a good place to start that.

Loving life when I can celebrate flag day