Team dynamics

Much of what we do on our THPL journey is solitary.  We find that we accept this life approach for reasons of simplicity, effectiveness, and time management.  And while we know that this approach might be one of the best to maximize our disciplines of life, learning and fitness we have to consider that there are other ways to enhance our learning and our experience.  For example, working with a team is a great way to develop different skills, to understand the concept of compromise and acceptance, and to experience different perspectives and approaches. We also can learn how to go past an initial “no, that won’t work” when we hear something from members of our team.  We need not judge because we may just not know if an idea is good or not, we have to embrace the thinking of others and see how they can make what we do even better.  So, maybe we should be looking for how to put ourselves into a team on a regular basis and let go of some degree of control and see the great things that can come of being part of a team.

Loving life when I am learning from my team