Planet or plastic

For as long as THPL has been a concept National Geographic magazine has been a real resource to help us stay in tune with the planet that we live on.  Whether it be wildlife stories, human dramas or core issues, the editorial content is important to us, our journey, and our world.   The current issue, Planet or Plastic, brings attention to the pollution that we are creating with our extensive and, seemingly endless, use of plastics for all parts of our life.  While convenient and sometimes helpful the negative lasting impact of the use of plastics is becoming epic.  With 18 billion pounds of plastic being produced each year and much of it ending in our oceans polluting them at a catastrophic level, it is time for each of us to think about how to reduce our use of plastics and start to slow this tragic circumstance that we are putting our planet through.  It really is up to us to do something – so let’s start now and make our own individual efforts to use less plastic – it is the least we can do.

Loving life when we are using less plastic