Just incredible

Every day we pass along the THPL journey we have access to stories of incredible achievement.  It just takes a little effort to find examples and learn from them.  Some are more inspiring than others, some are more instructive, and others are informative. We can take so much from each story if we put in a bit of effort.  What did we see that was different, what can we learn, how does it make us feel? Yesterday, for example, the winner of the Tour de France in his acceptance speech told everyone to dream big, that as a kid he just wanted to be a cyclist, that the Tour, for him, was an impossible dream and then he years later he wins the race.  And for sure while the win was amazing, it was his journey to get there, that was the real win.  What will be our big win……it will be fun to find out, that is for sure

Loving life when I see an incredible win