Red Hot

We can get quite wrapped up in our THPL journey that it is not impossible that we miss what is going on around us.  And maybe this circumstance is the same for all of our co-inhabitants on mother earth.  But this is not really ok, we have to make sure that we stay in tune with the big things that are happening around us and that we need to intervene and address issues that affect all of us.  Over the past week, we have witnessed the hottest weather ever recorded over a week across the globe.  A few high temperatures, in isolation, are not an issue, but collectively the only way to explain these temperatures is that global warming is real, and the world is increasingly getting hotter and hotter and we have to address it before it becomes catastrophic.  A warm summer day is great, and we should appreciate it, and we also need to think about how we make sure that we are not the cause of such days.  There is much we are doing every day that affects our planet, we can make a difference when we think about the impact that we are causing, we can slow this boiling cauldron and keep the earth beautiful and safe for successive generations when we act responsibly and timely.

Loving life when we intervene as required