To the end

We all know that there really is no end to the journey, only milestones, landmarks, accomplishments, stopovers….and we know that each of these moments are an integral and important part of the journey.  It helps us to assess, learn, recover, reset and get ready for the next time through.  And while there is no end there are finish lines that we will commit to, goals that we will set, destinations to visit and it is in these commitments that we need to make sure that our commitment is sincere and well-conceived and that when we sign up that we take seriously the implications associated with what it is we are setting out to do.  Because it is in these moments that we define who we are and what we are made of.  We make our journey self-fulfilling by committing and following through till the end and that is what will make us different and will allow us to experience more and feel different for so doing.  Here’s to getting to the end, even when it is in the middle of the journey.

Loving life when I get to the end again and again