We never grow tired of....

It seems that there is a risk when we are on our journey that we can forget the beauty that is around us.   We might be busy, we might be distracted, we might just need a reminder.  And yet, when we stop for a moment, it comes to us quickly.  Yes, the world around us is spectacular.  The mountains, maybe even more, than any landscape, are captivating and inspiring.  When we are among the mountains we get that feeling of peace and a sense of awe.  It calms our soul and touches us differently than anything that we can see.  So, let’s make sure to give ourselves a boost of energy by being in the mountains (or at least looking at them) we never grow tired of them – that is for sure! And if we want to get that feeling and be lifted up watch the embedded video – it is awe inspiring


Loving life when I am in the mountains