Getting close to the sun

It is interesting to note and think about a soon to be launched mission by Nasa to send a probe (the Parker solar probe) to the closet distance, to the sun, to date that we have ever attempted.  In so doing we will learn so much more about the Sun, what it is made of, its unique properties and so much more.  And maybe it is from this expedition that we can rethink the urban myth that when we get to close to the sun we burn up and die.  In our lives, the sun is not a star but rather an opportunity, a person, a leader an experience, each of which can have the seeming attributes of a powerful force like the sun that can, if we get to close, indiscriminately cause harm to us.  But as we learn more about the Parker probe we find out that we can prepare a satellite to get closer than ever imagined to the sun and still operate because the materials and design allow for this. In our lives we can do the same thing, we can get ourselves ready for the intensity, the power, the energy that the "sun" (our version of the sun) have.  Once we do this we can overcome and operate with and around even the most powerful of instances (people) and this is just good to for us and the way for us to think about opportunity and intensity in life – it is always there for us to take – even if it looks hotter than….

Loving life when I in am close to the sun