60 days

And so it was that 60 days ago I made it, for the first time, to the end of the Moby Flower pushup challenge song.  When I started, as we all did, it seemed quite difficult, maybe even impossible to get to the end of the song.  But as THPL contemplates, practice and more practice, I did exactly that and I stuck with and made it to the end (and I know that all of you can do it).  But not to become overconfident with the first time success, I set out to take on the challenge again the next night and that was not enough, so I did it again, and again, and then before I realized it I had completed 60 days of the Sally challenge.  Day in and Day out, over and over, no nights off, a few hard one’s along the way, but, still I persevered and I made it part of my daily routine.  I even added a bit of extra challenge to the mix by seeing how long I could hold the last pushup in the down position.  Why? Because the mission is to find out what is possible.  Not what we can do – rather what we are not sure we can do.  
The themes that underlie THPL kicked in, for sure, during this time period.  It did so because it was the nature of THPL that kept me focused.  I played some of the themes in my head over and over.
  • There are no shortcuts on the way to success
  • You need to be accountable to the commitments you make to yourself and to others
  • Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever
  • Improvement and achievement come from consistent practice.
  • There are no excuses - only an unwillingness to conquer your fear of failure or weakness.



Yes, they are a lot of truisms – but what makes THPL different is that it is not about talking, it is about doing.  What we do is turn truisms into a way of life.  They are not “things” we say but rather how we live.  You can see it in others; you know who has it and who does not.  Often I have mentioned that the best way to improve is to find someone better than you and copy them – do it fast and more often and before you know it you are better than they are and you are the one being copied.  Life happening in real time, yes indeed
So, consider today’s blog as yet another interesting check point.  How are you doing on your path to THPL? Have you endured?  Have you taken a 60 day challenge?  Have you been true to THPL – to yourself?  Fair or not fair, easy or hard, your choice is to do or not do.  THPL passes no judgment – it respects all who live life in earnest – and it rewards us when we have made it to where we want to be, living THPL and how we chose to do it
Loving life, deeply, because of my most recent 60 days
Someday the Sally streak will end – it will accompany a Blog entry, for sure, for tonight it is day 61 – and I made it to the 3:26 mark and added 30 seconds, that 4:17 song – wow – 226 pushups.  The goal of 247 is in sight but by no means certain.