67 degrees

In the life of the THPL practitioner we are supposed to be tough and resilient, impervious to the elements, ready to take on whatever nature throws at us.  So, then why is it that we are so happy on a day like today when, for example, in NY we set a temperature record at 67 degrees?  Why is it that when the elements (temperature in this case) “fade in the background” it feels good just to stand outside.  Seems like we should enjoy, just as much, a normal late December when the average temperature is between 33 and 39 degrees, which makes sense for a city, like NY, at 40.6 degrees latitude.  Is there a bigger meaning embedded in this situation or is it just a nice break from the cold and the strain it puts on our body?  We will leave the “global warming” question out of this post as it is too big a topic for this kind of post. 

If we put our Learning view on the relevant point is that we (humans) feel temperature on a relative scale.  What we feel is temperature change, not absolute temperature.  Yes, that means that 33 to 67 is a big change and so it feels quite warm as a result.  Similarly, if you go from 67 to 33 in the summer you feel very cold.  So, our first insight is that a big change in temperature draws us in and raises our awareness of the change and the pleasant nature of the change.  The second is that it does take more clothing, energy, planning etc. to survive 33 degrees; it takes way less effort to make it at 67 degrees.  Thirdly, our bodies just naturally feel better in warmer weather – we are drawn in and enjoy the peaceful feeling that is ~67 degrees.  The net of all is that while we do love 67 degrees we really like an increase in 30 degrees.  Yes, from 0à30 is quite good as well. So, keep your eye on the weather map and look for those big temperature changes and when they show up take advantage of them. That is right opportunity seized is a foundation element of THPL.

Loving life and warmer and warmer days.



photo by Steve Fuller