Just like THPL, the name espresso, conjures up interesting images / thoughts / feelings.  Strong of flavor, packed with Intensity, minimalist in volume, espresso is indeed a unique beverage.  Usually, people either love it or have no interest in it.  Mostly thought of as an acquired taste espresso is meant to be savored and enjoyed for its refined flavor profile.  And with it comes a strong cultural essence – it is easy to visualize the Italian barista drawing a fresh espresso to be sipped at an outdoor table by the piazza.  What could be better?  Maybe add in a small biscotti and you will be living the Italian version of THPL. 

In our ever growing quest to make the THPL journey that much more rewarding it is important to feed the mind with info that is interesting and little known.  Yes, espresso was “invented” or at least conceived in Italy in the late 1880’s, and became more and more a mainstay post WWII.  The initial rise of espresso consumption was associated with urbanization in Italy as espresso bars provided a place for socialization. Interestingly, coffee prices were kept controlled by local authorities as long as the coffee was consumed standing up, encouraging the “stand at a bar” coffee culture. It is fun to know that our friends in Seattle took this part of Italian culture and made it a global phenomenon.  I wonder if the same, one day, could happen with THPL?  We can dream can’t we……..  Yes, I will indeed have a double espresso. 

Loving life espresso in hand




 Photo Credit: Linh H. Nguyen via Compfight cc