If you have ever been out rock climbing on a route that has a lot of exposure the feeling is quite different than that of a normal route.  In this circumstance the exposure increases the perception of risk – it seems that if you were to fall it would be a very big fall.  Which makes it hard not to focus on the distance between you and the ground.  Exposure – the state of being not protected.  Yup, that is the feeling – regardless of the rope system there to protect you, your perception is that the risk is high, even if the truly increased level of risk is negligible. 

And so it is with THPL – to get to high performance we often put ourselves into situations where we have progressed and developed and are on the way to the next level and there is a moment of self-doubt when we conclude that we have gone beyond what we know we can do – the exposure starts to increase – you feel unprotected and you start to consider backing off.  This is the moment of truth on your THPL journey – you need to trust the preparation, the system and your capabilities.  Dispel all feelings of exposure and press forward.  When you do the breakthrough happens. You go to the next level and you start the next phase of the journey.  So, seek out moments of exposure – it is the THPL way. 

Loving life dangling over the edge