I ran with my eyes closed

Life is interesting, *yes, a very profound thought, and *yes , I could take this in many ways but for tonight a brief focus on Harmony.  And not the musical kind but the life kind when you have inner peace / tranquility.   When it comes, and it can only come if you have alignment of values, goals and purpose, it has a very special feel to it.  When you are in harmony the amount of total energy it takes to sustain forward momentum is reduced because no energy is lost to staying in alignment.  You know the situation – you are working on a project and the insights come pouring out of everyone, you cook the best dinner and everyone asks for the recipe, you sing a song at church as if you have angels on your side, or just maybe you spend moments with your best friends or family when you laugh deep into the night about nothing, clinging to the magical feeling that comes when you are in Harmony. 

I dare not offer an opinion as to why this feeling happens less than more but my advice is that when it happens hold onto it and embed it deep in your heart. It will carry you for long periods of time with positive energy.  I had one of these moments this morning, a treadmill run, 12 miles, the last two were to be fun – listen to some music, focus on form, enjoy the time – I did not expect to float forward for the next fifteen minutes, but float on a cloud I did.  Three elements made it happen, the songs I listened to (listed below) had the perfect rhythmic beat so I used no energy on cadence (beats per minute) as the song synched me to 180 bpm, second I focused on using perfect form  (and it worked) and third I let go of all of life’s thoughts and burdens and kept a clear mind.  The harmony came all at once and the feeling of floating was so strong that for the last five minutes I ran with my eyes closed (holding on loosely).  When the third song ended, I slowed to a walk and found it hard to stop – the feeling echoing through my mind, body and soul.  Of course, in a short while it dissipated and I was onto the rest of the day.  But even now I can feel it and I will look to find it again soon.  Not sure when it will happen but it will.  So, I suggest you look for it too – harmony makes you high on life and there is no greater feeling, at least not when in pursuit of the High Performance Life.

The Three Songs

  • Asleep -  by The Smiths
  • Could it be Another Change -  by The Samples
  • Hero  - by Family of the Year

Yup, another dance – Sally to the end +25 seconds (actually I think it is easier to hold the position at the end than to push up again).  And to book-end my day of  harmony, for my 4:17 song – first set 100, total of 207 – first time over 200.  It reinforces the belief of THPL that that incremental improvement comes from sticking with the plan again and again and again  Anything is possible if you just work hard enough..

Yes Loving Life!