Individual Passions

 The ability to have the freedom to select the activities that you want to focus on and spend an inordinate amount of time doing is a key to your ability to succeed with your own version of THPL.  No matter what angle you consider we need to be able to pursue what we each define as our passion – i.e. the activity that you like to do best.  And so while we will spend an inordinate amount of time doing our favorite routine ourselves it is really important to find a community, whether it is family, friends, or co-workers where you can pursue your passion with others.  It will allow you to sustain enjoy and perform way better.  There is also an additional side benefit to the community aspect – the passion becomes the glue that bonds us together and makes our being with each other that much better.

A word of caution  - it is not good to compromise on your passion.  Giving it up because others do not want to do it with you or they do not want you to do it will only create long-term structural flaws.  The best recommendation is to stay away from others who are trying to get you to stop living your dream and following your passion.  Let them be and move on with what you are charged up about.  Then support everyone who you know who has a passion for an activity.  They will appreciate it deeply.

Loving life when following your own passion