Love the Red-eye

So let’s set the context. Red-eye flights are so named because they typically depart late in the evening and arrive early the next day.  And when you get to your destination I guess the folklore has it that you have red-eyes from lack of sleep.  They fly from West to East and they cross enough time zones that you can leave late in the evening (7-11pm) and arrive the next morning in time for the start of the day in your destination location.  Flights like this include LA or San Fran to NY and my favorite the NY to London or Paris route.  These flights bring several advantages over daytime trips; usually the departure airport is less crowded, you find the flight to be quiet (most people try to sleep) and then of course there is the efficiency factor.  You do not take up any productive daytime hours to travel.  You can get in a full day of work or play and then get on the flight when you were going to be asleep regardless.  When you wake up at the end of the flight, the night is over in your destination and you can start your morning like normal!  Sounds like a perfect THPL way to fly.

And so you might be thinking, I cannot sleep on the plane, I am not worried about optimizing time, and what’s wrong with flying during the day?  All interesting and valid perspectives.  But high-performance (THPL) in life requires you optimize your time, you take maximum advantage of constrained assets and you train yourself to do things that are different and give you a better outcome. 

As with all of the design points that help us get to THPL, we start with the THPL construct which is “dream it, plan it, practice it and do it” (and oh yea, making a few mistakes and fixing them).  So here are a few pieces of red-eye experienced advice that will help you become an expert red-eye flyer. 

  • Get the best most comfortable seat you can for the flight
  • Wear comfortable clothes- I change at the airport into jeans and a sweater all the time
  • When you get on the plane turn your watch to the destination time – at this moment you are starting the transition to the new time zone and you tell yourself you  need to get to bed soon as it is already quite late.
  • You resist reading, watching a movie or taking drinks or food – you are going to sleep and so you have to set yourself in sleep mode.
  • The minute they close the door you close your eyes.  Hang in there long enough and you will fall asleep. 
  • Upon arrival, go to your hotel and start your day as you would if you were in your home office.  Eat what you eat for breakfast, go for a run (this is my secret), clean up and get to the office.  Of course you should set a bit later start time to the day to accommodate this approach but everyone will understand if you do so.
  • Lastly, you are on the new time zone – resist talking about your old time zone, eat lunch and dinner when the locals do, do not nap and get to bed reasonably early (you will be plenty tired).  Next morning you wake up and all is great.  You have made it through yet another part of the journey.

You might be asking why write this today?  Well I just got back from Phoenix and the red-eye got me back in one piece, safe and sound.  Barely a long enough flight I got my 1-2 hours of sleep, did my four mile run this morning and a five miler tonight and it was a great day, for sure!  

As predicted Sally found her way back east. Thought she might stay in Phoenix because of the nice weather but apparently not,  So the dance went on as planned and well I might add, 3:26 +25 seconds, lost track of counting on the 4:19 song – so it was either 205 or 215 pushups tonight.  I will take it either way

Loving life…..even though in 24 hours my local outside temperature dropped 60 degrees.