On the Eve of June

On the eve of June, the month that Sun lovers (in the northern hemisphere) rejoice over, the month that has many long days filled with sunlight, we have a chance to revisit our 2014 THPL goals.  We are one month from the halfway point of the year and we have the opportunity, with some focus, to catch up on our goals – or to reset those goals which are just not realistic or don’t fit to how our life has evolved this year.  Better to have a “real” chance of meeting our goals than an empty goal with no ability to achieve.  The important point is to remember that THPL is for each of is, it is there to give mission and purpose on our journey to higher and higher performance, and of course to find out that when we stay focused on our goals and follow through we do more than we think we can.  Enjoy that sunlight – use it wisely!  Can’t wait till June 21!

Loving life, and staying true to my THPL goals.