Life seems to be a repetitive theme of the Blog lately – it could be the time of year, or maybe just a flow, not exactly sure why, but, either way when I saw a TED talk by Sally Kohn I was motivated to write about it.  And while all TED talks are good, I found Sally’s talk to be quite poignant and related in a direct sense to one of the core beliefs that we have in our THPL community.  “Respect” - simple, and centered, and essential to THPL – one word that is a belief system.  It goes without saying (well maybe we should reinforce the idea) that the first rule of life and then of relationships is that we respect all people, regardless of beliefs, style, dogma, or views.  It is next to impossible to have a community, a productive community, if there is a lack of respect between people.  Political, religious, or intellectual discourse and disagreement are be accepted and expected.  But for these arguments to have any reasonable chance of being productive we need to start by respecting each other. 

Sally does a good job using a similar view point with her characterization between emotional and political correctness.  Her premise is we have to be emotionally correct while tolerating or discussing political correctness.  It is when we can do this that productive relationships are created and we can do more than just tolerate each other – we can live with each other.

THPL is centered on the idea that we are on a mission to drive for improved performance in Life, Learning and Fitness.  We need to remind ourselves, though, that this drive for high performance is not to be at the expense of others.  The drive for performance is to be reconciled, internally, within one’s own self.  Yes, we can, and should compare to others to gauge high performance but it is not to better the person – rather to better the result.  It might sound nuanced but truth be told it is the foundation for THPL and starts and ends with Respect as it becomes the enabler for great ,meaningful and appreciated high performance. 

Loving life and respecting each other