The Life Examined

 I was reminded this morning of the Socrates quote “the unexamined life is not worth living” and as I sat in Los Angeles airport delayed on my trip to Phoenix I looked around and wondered….How many people around me have a life that resembles the THPL life?  How many examine their life?  Question it?  Seek to understand?  I have no basis for giving a statistically accurate sense of where people would fall out on the continuum between disconnected and self-actualized.  But, what I can relay is that in overhearing the conversations that “spawn” when flights are delayed you would tend to walk away with a real sense that the level of life fulfillment that is present in the people in the terminal is quite low. 

Which brings me back to Socrates.    If we take the time to examine our lives, to think about all of the great things we have, about the power we have inside ourselves, how in moments of change opportunities are created, and that we have never been more free or capable to chart a THPL life for ourselves.  If we were to do this then might not our lives just be better as a result?  The questions cause us to act – which leads to our push to be better, which enables us to live our version of THPL and then for sure the sky is the limit. 

Loving life, the examined life for sure!