The Morning Run

 There are many styles of THPL practioners – morning, evening, late night, all kinds – it is best this way, variety and styles from each direction gives us diversity to show that all approaches work.  It allows us to see that different is good and that we should follow how we feel because we are at our best when we can stick to “our own flow”.  To this point I have found that a morning run is my best way to start the day.  It might not be the most “unique” approach but what is THPL like is that I do the run every day regardless of circumstance.  I have woken up at 3 am to get in the run before a flight, run after just a few hours of sleep and also have made it part of my routine when I take a red-eye from West to east.  It is the best formula that I have found to make it through the day after a night of limited airplane sleep.  Even though on the surface it would seem odd to run after the overnight flight (like I was on last night) but it puts me back on schedule and makes the rest of the day fit into the normal (THPL) routine.  And when you find something that works I am more inclined to go with the flow than to fight it or find a new way to start the day.  I am confident that each of us can find our way to create habits that keep us on track, enable us to do more and allow us to stay true to our THPL life.  Simple yet effective, for sure…..

Loving Life and a morning run