Time for a Check up...

How about an early 2013 THPL checkup?  Two months completed in 2013 – that is just about 17% of the year. Probably time to see where we are.  I am not, by any means suggesting that we implement an extensive review process.  No, just a momentary pause to reflect on the goals you set for 2013 ( I do hope you have set some goals), the progress you have made, and any adjustments that you need to make to stay on track for the year.  I know, most of us usually do our own personal checkups once a year.  I do not think this is enough – frequency of measurement and accountability to your commitments will improve the probability of reaching your goals.  And while I recommend frequent THPL checkups you can keep your annual physical to once a year, file your tax return just once and celebrate your birthday once as well
The framework I like to use is to set my goals in three categories, Life, Learning and Fitness.  So, my goals for this year in each of these categories are:
Life – write a Blog, coach a few new budding athletes, learn how to meditate
Learning – watch 1,000 Ted videos, learn more about the Education industry,
Fitness – Run 2,000 miles, run a 50 mile ultra-marathon, complete my fifth Ironman and do 75,000 pushups
And so as I review my progress I realize that I am doing ok – still focused on the goals, working them every day and making progress.  I am behind on some and doing ok on others.  I give myself a B to B+.  And as you know we still have ten months in 2013 to go to achieve the goals, which means there is enough time to get back on track – I think it is time to increase the focus and execution in a big way!
Life – Blog being written, yes on the coaching, and the meditation needs a lot of work
Learning – Ted videos, 86 YTD a bit behind but making progress, just starting to get to know the .edu space (so lots of work to do on this one)
Fitness – running 447 miles (ahead of schedule) I have signed up for the 50 miler on July 27th and have signed up for Ironman Wisconsin on September 8th.  12,000 pushups so far – generally on track.
One additional comment relating to this measurement stage – when you think about how you are doing, please think about  1. Did I bring a positive attitude to the achieving the goal and  2. Did I put in the right level of effort, all of my passion and my capability to achieving the goal? It should be noted that neither attitude nor ability alone will get you there - you need them both to be successful.

Have fun with this – THPL comes alive when you take a goal and add in transparency and accountability.  Nothing like doing it right and achieving those goals.
And so it goes – two months of the Flower challenge.  To be honest it feels like a lifetime, that is, I feel like I have been doing it forever, not two months.  Completed yet another go at it +20 seconds, the 4:17 song fell back a bit to 187 pushups.  Some days you are just stronger than other one’s – and for that reason alone I very much look forward to doing it again tomorrow.  Till then……
I am loving life!