Workout Before Breakfast

 For years now I have been working out before breakfast.  I can even go 3-4 hours from when I get up before I eat any food.  I find it interesting that I have so much sustained energy in the morning that additional calories are not required to get me through my routine.  I am indeed hungry by the time I am done but I find that the traditional way of thinking about morning routine might just not be as rigid as we once thought.  And it is also interesting that I can run 20 miles on a Saturday morning before eating when if I was doing a race of just 13.1 (a half-marathon) I would have eaten a normal and maybe even larger meal than normal.  Why is race day that different from what I can do every day?  Maybe in fact there really are different factors at play. 

My experience seems to have played out –Maybe there really is something to my early morning routine.  I read the following  - In a recent study, two groups performed a high-intensity workout before or after eating the same morning meal. The results? The group that exercised before eating lost more weight.

The reason given: When you wake up, you have plenty of fuel stored from the night —your blood glucose levels are stable and your body is in fasting mode. “Your workout stimulates muscle sensitivity to insulin, most of the your calories goes back into muscle rather than fat”

Seems that there are indeed ways to pursue THPL.  Might it be worth a try?

Loving life, and waiting for breakfast