Your Next Challenge

It is that time of year when we run the risk of going into THPL fitness hibernation.  The days are getting shorter, it is getting colder outside and the holidays are soon to be upon us.  As such the risk of doing “nothing” gets higher with every passing day, the excuse engine gets warmed up and the outside motivations (like getting fit to go to the beach) are less and less common.  And while we are bothered by potentially losing the great physical progress that we made this year it will take some different thinking to change this seemingly natural (negative) progression (or lack thereof) that happens like clockwork every year.

Maybe we really do need to think differently – maybe we need to set our next set of goal(s) now so that we have good reason to continue with our fitness regimen and we can keep the THPL momentum alive.  By spacing goal events out in advance and with a level of predictability (like every three months)  we never give ourselves too much time to lose a lot of fitness, which means we never have that feeling like we are ‘starting over’ when we finally identify the next goal to train for.

THPL is a journey and we fully expect that we will sometimes make progress at a rapid rate and sometimes a bit slower.  Regardless of the pace we are always advancing, making tomorrow better than today and enjoying the overall experience.  Metaphorically we take no days off – we live the THPL with a level of consistency that keeps all three elements (Life, Learning and Fitness) making progress and moving forward, yes indeed, with the result, goodness in more ways than we can imagine.

Loving life and planning the next challenge