Noise or sound

It seems that as we push further and further along our journey that the world around us is getting noisier and noisier.  A circumstance that we need to address as we can.  Is it indeed noisier… or are we just looking more and more for solitude and peace so that we can reflect on that which we want in our lives.  Noise, narrowly defined, is unwanted sound and yet we know that there is noise on many levels in our lives and we all have our level of tolerance for noise and what we can do with it.  Our circumstance or situation can dictate our view on noise, and we can use this as our filter for what is in noise and what is not.  Noise at a macro level brings us right back to one of the key tenets of our high performance life, that is, we have agency over how we live and what we do, and we can do more when we work to optimize the journey, in this instance by blocking out noise and listening to that which aligns with our mission, passion and purpose.   

Loving life when I block out the noise



Pick up our head

As we travel and get to know our way around, we find that we pay less and less attention to our surroundings.  We keep our focus mostly inward or just a few “yards” out of our reach, just trying to keep up with all that happening.  When this occurs we find out before too long that we are missing out on some of the great sights and sounds that are around us.  That we have not opened the aperture of our life and appreciate all that we have around us is something that we need to work on and then recognize it and put the effort into creating the fix for a long time to come. 

Loving life when I seize my opportunity



When we have a chance…

Our journey provides ample opportunity to be different, to do things that make a difference, to have an impact, to take it to the next level.  It is in these kinds of opportunities in which we see and develop our position. We then communicate our view and see with whom it the message resonates.  It is in these moments that we realize what resonates and how can and should share our ideas, thoughts and enthusiasm for our journey.  We need to make sure that we stay true to our message and tell it again and again till we hear others telling it.  It is our opportunity after all, who else is going to do it???

Loving life when I seize my opportunity 



Life on the road

There is a part of our journey that is more mobile than otherwise.  We travel for work, school, vacation or any variety of reasons.  And in that, a set of experiences that are different and often out of the norm for how we live most other days.  A challenge for us to learn how to adjust to embrace different and to make it feel as good as that which we would call home.  It is a good experience for us to have; it provides the opportunity to destabilize just enough to teach us to be flexible, self-reliant and comfortable when exploring.  Time to look forward to the next trip – a learning and growing experience indeed.

Loving life when I am on the road


Take notes…

We all know how much info we can consume, how much we can retain, how much we learn and how much we can use and leverage while on our journey.  And yet, without the proper care, we can miss the opportunity to take maximum advantage of all that we can learn and use while on our path to wherever we are going – even if it is just finishing up what we are doing.  One way to make sure that we optimize is to take notes about all that we see and what we learn, write down what is important, keep track of how to do things and most of all capture who we are with and what we learn from them.  We can then reap the rewards of staying on the journey and getting the most from it.  It is after all our journey to benefit from.

Loving life when I am taking notes. 



The mountains of Italy

As we pass along on our journey it is not uncommon to be asked where we might want to go next. For some of us, this is an easy question to answer, for others maybe not so easy. We can find places easy enough though, ask someone, do some research, watch a video and so on. We have many resources at our fingertips and it is important for us to tap into them and find a place that is inspiring and captivating. Let’s take four minutes and take a journey through one of these places – the Dolomites, the Alps of Italy, they are spectacular and really can capture our attention and light up our imagination. And when we can get our plans together and visit a place like this we will know, intrinsically that it was worth it. Let’s keep looking for amazing place to visit – it makes the journey just that much more special.

Loving life when I am visiting amazing places 


We cannot be reminded enough

On our journey there are some practices that need to be daily practices.  We need to think about them and remind ourselves and others around them of their importance.  One of our daily practices has to be about taking care of the earth.  Yes, we talk about this often, but do we think that we are doing enough?  Are we making a sincere effort to make an impact?  Maybe what we need to do is just one thing every day that makes a difference, this cannot be too hard, right?  And if 7 + billion people did just one thing, every day, imagine the positive impact that we could have.  If we need a bit of motivation, take four minutes and watch this video – it is a good reminder that we have a long way to go and a short time to take care of mother earth…..the time to act is now….

Loving life when I am taking care of the earth


Topics and issues

We put a lot of effort, while on our journey into learning, it is a core part of our life, learning, and fitness mantra. And learning can take many forms, all of which are good.  Most recently we have had been introduced, through the US presidential election process, too many of the key topics and issues that we need to learn more about.  From climate change to gun control, to immigration, there are a plethora of very important topics to learn about and to develop a point of view about and by so doing we learn along the way and get the opportunity to contribute to making “life” just a bit better.  So, let’s spend some time getting to understand the issues and the topics and use our learning to help us navigate what sometimes feels like crazy times.  The path forward is one of being informed and this matter more than ever as it seems like the stakes just seem to be a bit higher.

Loving life when I am learning


From where we come

This journey of ours, at some level it is rather simple, at another level rather complex.  There are parts of what we do and who we are that are hard to understand and still we press forward.  We do so for reasons hard to explain and we are ok with that.  What we know, though, is that where we come from, the foundation of our persona, has a big influence on how it all plays out and with this an opportunity…..We cannot allow the influences of the past, the opinions of what we can do (or not), the advice given from those who know little about us, to guide us going forward.  When we want to dream big, we should, and not be encumbered by someone else’s weaknesses or fears.  We cannot accept a “no” even before we give it a go.  There should be nothing but optimism and eternal gratitude for what we have and what we can do.  From where we come is important, but where we are going is much more important and it is always time to work on it, indeed it is

Loving life when I get beyond what was and could have been


Weekend Plans

As far as we can tell while on this journey one day can look like another.  With a daily dedication to learning, fitness, nutrition, rest and recovery it makes sense.  We build a life that is complete and rewarding.  And yet, it is good to find a way to take a break, to change up the pattern, to get a big recharge, to unplug and reset.  One of the best ways to do this is to use our weekends as they have, at their core, a different kind of flow that we can leverage and exploit and use to our benefit.  All we need to do is to make it explicit – the weekends are different and they allow us to mix it up and make our journey better.  We can still do a lot and keep the pace up but we can change the order, alter the mix of what we do, change the level of urgency that we put to our work and overall just make it different enough that by the time that Monday rolls around we are raring and ready to go.  Here’s to a great weekend and so much more…..

Loving life when I make real weekend plans 


Lend a hand

We know from our day to day approach to our journey that we can take care of ourselves and find a path forward even when the going gets tough.  It is part of what we learn as we push and try again and again.  And as we are making progress on our journey we can see that there are others who are learning and growing and most likely in need of a bit of help and assistance.  It is an opportunity for us to stop and offer a hand, to offer to help, to guide, to support.  The form is less relevant, what matters is the commitment we make when we extend our hand.  The hand is presented with a smile and so much more.  It is what we are about – helping others….  

Loving life when I extend my hand to others 


one more question

There are many moments while on our journey when we are presented with information on a topic that we either agree with or disagree with and depending on which side of the argument we are on we might just listen or we might probe a bit more, or even argue our point of view. It is important, though, in either of these circumstances to be ready to probe to ask, minimally, one more question.  It is in that next question that we can validate what we know or can point us in a direction from which we can learn and deepen our understanding.  So, let’s make sure to ask another question and see where it takes us….      

Loving life when I ask one more question


Do you believe

For as much as we experience on our journey much of what we take on as we move forward is a choice that we make.  We can choose to do something or not.  We can push ourselves or not.  We can think about improving our performance or not.  Essentially, we can think about something and think about it but much of what we have to do is to turn to our belief system and decide if we want to do more or do better.  And when we do lean in and we start to believe that it is possible to do more or better then it actually starts to happen. Yes, I can run faster, yes, I can get that job, yes, I can….  It really is all about attitude and belief and so let’s see if we can indeed bring this attitude to all that we do.  The results will be more than we realize.  I believe, yes I do….  

 Loving life when I believe in myself 


2,500 posts

What a journey it has been.  From that innocuous, innocent, well-intentioned first post some six-plus years ago, there is no way I could have imagined that for 2,500 consecutive days I would write a blog post on the topic of The High Performance Life.  So many feelings, lessons, insights, and most of all another demonstration, in my own way, in my own life, that we can do more than we think we can and we do not need permission to go big or live the life we want.  I am sure there have been some great posts and some not so great posts but in and amongst all of it has been a commitment to write each day, to take a moment to reflect, to think about something that is worth writing (and reading), to use the process to push good thoughts into my brain and my consciousness, to care enough to make a commitment to myself that I would write every day, to make no excuse and enjoy the process and the journey.  What lies ahead is more of the same, the process of building good daily habits into our lives representative of the power of choice and outcome – the better the choices the better the outcomes.  And so it goes, with a wry smile and a level of internal satisfaction that putting finger to keyboard, each day, has kept the mind and spirit alive and vibrant and since we know not what the future brings let’s go make it of our doing and be happy with what we find out……indeed

Loving life when I am writing a daily blog 


Four months

We know that when we get wrapped up on our journey such that we can lose track of time. It goes by faster than we can imagine and so it is really good for us to take a checkpoint from time to time so that we can assess our progress to our goals and make any adjustments that we need to make to stay on track.  We have eight months “in the books” for 2019 and with only four months to go it is time for us to figure out how to maximize for the year and how-to amp it up if we find that we want to push for more.  It is great to take a moment to think about what it is that will make our year great and even better than we would otherwise expect.  So let’s see what kind of plan we can build that will allow us to maximize our 2019 results.  There is no time like the present to build the right plan…. Let’s do it!

Loving life when I reset my plan


Take a break

As we enter Labor Day Weekend, we have an opportunity to think about our journey and our balance between work and play.  It seems that since we have such a great time on our journey that we can lose track of taking a break, a real break, one where we unplug and enjoy what we are doing that is not work. So, the challenge that we need to take on is to build breaks into our life plan frequently enough so that it has an impact. And once we accept the challenge it is easy to embrace the idea of taking a break.  It opens up a lot of what is possible and how we can balance out our life and how we live.  So, it’s time to get planning and figuring going so that we know where and when we are going and what we are going to do on our break

Loving life when I am taking a break 


A good reminder

It is always good to remind ourselves that our adventurous life brings with it a responsibility to take care of the land that we traverse, the oceans that we cross, the places that we visit.  Yes, it is true that by just living we have an impact on the earth, but we cannot use this truism to be an excuse for misuse, abuse or negligence.  For sure we can do all that we do with less impact.  And this goes further than just reduce, reuse, recycle.  We need to bring a deep level of responsibility and care to what we do and how we treat the earth.  It can get away from us if we are not careful – take a look at the video of the cleanup that is starting at Mt. Everest.  When we see what can happen at a place as remote as Everest, we realize that we really do have an impact that we need to take care and be mindful of what we are doing to the earth.  We can make a difference, let’s do that….

Loving life when I am doing my part to take care of the earth


The ground game

There are analogies and metaphors that help us visualize how to think about our journey.  One good example comes from Football where they say that winning happens with the “ground game”.  The grind it out, basic of winning play, where determination, follow-through, team effort and what matter.  It is the place that we can get tired and lose our form and or our will and in so doing we lose the game.  Instead we have the opportunity to work it hard as we can, every play, every opportunity, each time putting our shoulder to the effort and pushing as hard as we can until we can push no more and then push again.  The ground game a metaphor for how we can think about our life, our journey, our mission.  Work it hard every day, never give up, enjoy the challenge and the struggle and win the ground game in our lives.  A more satisfying experience and a bigger opportunity would be hard to find….. 

Loving life when I am working the ground game


Help someone

We all know that there is nothing that feels as good as getting help when we need it.  On this journey we can often remember that moment when someone stepped in to lend a hand, in a race, at work, on a weekend, in a new place, the time or specifics of lesser importance than the act itself.  And from this feeling an opportunity to look for a time or place to offer help to someone in need.  It is a simple act, one that requires no introduction or explanation, rather just the act of helping, lending a hand, some time, a shoulder, or just being present for a friend, a family member, a stranger.  The moment just one of many but the impact felt, often more deeply than we will ever know.  So, let’s keep our head up and our smile big as we look for the opportunity to help someone, it will be the highlight of our day.  Indeed it will be…. 

Loving life when I help someone


Performance is a Choice

We take our journey knowing full well that we are going to push ourselves to do more, to try new, to be better than we are today.  We do this recognizing the abilities that we innately bring to our journey.  But we all know that what we bring is only part of the equation.  What really matters is knowing what we want to accomplish, that we are willing to put in the effort, that we know what the plan is to get there and that we are willing to stick to it no matter what the obstacle, the difficulty, the doubt …just anything.  Yes, performance is a choice and we all know that we have the opportunity to bring it while on our journey.  So, what are we waiting for?  Are we in – or not…..yes, it is a choice……

Loving life when I make the choice for performance