Two is one

There are many life lessons that we learn as we take our THPL journey.  Some of them we just have to learn along the way and some of them come from the learnings of others.  And as we move along some of the lessons become the ones that we want to share. A favorite amongst the lessons is “two is one and one is none”.  It is a lesson of being prepared for any circumstance. It can turn the “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” into something that we can act on.  We all know that we would love life to go flawlessly but when we are prepared (have more than one battery for your headlamp for example) we can make it through even when things go wrong.  So, as we enter those moments that matter let’s think about how we can avoid the inevitable and make it easy to succeed by being prepared with “two instead of one”

Loving life when I am prepared




Good advice

We know it when we hear it.  It resonates deeply inside us.  It makes us want to check ourselves.  It makes us want to know more, to do better, to not be satisfied with just what we know.  Good advice is just that, it needs little explanation and is easy to act on.  We know the people from where it comes and we are happy to hear it again and again.  We should think about how to share it and to make sure that good advice is given away as a gift again and again and again.

Loving life when I get good advice



Think retreat….

We are always on the move, it is the nature of the THPL journey.  And even though we are only early into a new year it is always a great time to take care of our mind and body.  We can make this happen in many ways but a retreat, no matter how formal or informal can serve the purpose of re-energizing, resetting, rejuvenating.  All we have to do is to change the scenery, eat well, get out into the fresh air, rest, exercise, just take care of ourselves in a focused way.  A bit of relaxation, self-reflection and activity is the perfect prescription for getting, and keeping ourselves, on track.  Not too complicated, just a commitment and a plan to take time for a retreat, it will do the heart and soul and body a world of good…

Loving life when I am on a retreat

What is your great…

This journey that we are on brings with it great opportunity, responsibility, and accountability for how we will choose to live our lives.  And it goes without saying that over time this evolves and changes, and ebbs and flows, based on where we are in our life’s journey.  The way that we think about who we are, how we make our lives, what is our best is the base level of what the THPL journey is about.  We can and do make it up as we go.  Sometimes we go harder than other times, maybe we are faster or stronger, we have more to do, or hit some milestone and on and on.  What matters is not the specifics of the performance, it is after all just about us, what matters is how we feel about our current point in our life.  Are we giving it the best for the moment, are we happy with ourselves, are we feeling it and then some.  Yes, that is what matters, that when we look in the mirror, a long look, knowing that what we see we like, not what others want to see, not what we were or could be, rather embracing who we are and our lives as they are.   Yes, indeed….

Loving life when I am happy with where I am

We choose our path

Whether by choice or not we can consider the life that we have been dealt to be to our advantage or not.  And sometimes we might feel that we are not treated as fairly as we would like to be treated.  Why is it so hard, why is it not easier?  When we find ourselves thinking like this maybe we need to consider how Nate Viands thought about his life.  At four he was diagnosed with Leukemia, at eight he ran a marathon in the time of 3:32 hours.  A remarkable accomplishment for anyone, at any age.  A story of being undeterred, one for all of us to think about, that is how to take really bad news and not let it get in the way of living.   From all that we can see Nate is a wonder. His Mom says he has a calm demeanor about everything in life. He has a determination to accomplish anything, a primal instinct to keep going, and the will to overcome tough odds. His parents see zero quit in him. Whether that’s battling cancer or beating the wall during a marathon, he’ll always keep going.  Making a choice for how to live is up to us, if we needed some inspiration for how to do that, we have that, for sure…..

Loving life when I don’t let anything get in the way of life

We learn both ways

Go on the THPL journey and there is so much to learn.  Ordinarily, our orientation is to learn what to do, the best way to do it.  And yet, there are as many opportunities to learn what not to do as there are what to do.  It starts when we see things going on that we do not like, that we know are the wrong kind of action or behavior.  We comment, we complain, we show disgust.  It is at this moment when we make the big move, the move from criticizing to abstaining.  The opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others, to set ourselves up to do it better the next time.  To set an example that we can and should do it the right way.  The power of learning, for sure.

Loving life when I do it the right way

Push the button

We are ten days into the 2019 and we have an opportunity to truly set our path for the year.  We are over the excitement of the new year and it is possible that our new year’s resolutions are starting to lose a bit of their shine.  So, before it all gets away from us let’s take this moment to find something big that we can commit to for 2019, something we can get behind, that we can be inspired by and that we can really feel compelled to do.  To get there we might need a bit of support, we might need to build out a workable plan, we might need a community to be part of – all or some, we just need to figure out what it is we need to have in place to “push the button” to make the big commitment.  What we know is once we do it, we will feel great and inspired. So, let’s go make it happen, the time is now.      

Loving life when I push the button

A reminder to care...

We go places, that is what we love about the journey.  And along the way, we will, most likely, find our way to the national parks.  They are beautiful and spectacular and we all know that we need to take care of them so that for generations to come they can experience the same wonderful times that we have had the opportunity to do.  For the past three weeks, our parks have been under cared for.  Sadly, they have been ignored because of our government shutdown.  It is not good for the crown jewels of the American landscape to be ignored.  The good news is that there are groups of people who have taken it on themselves to clean up and care for our parks during the shutdown.  In tough times, like this moment, it is great to see  THPL behaviors come out even more strongly showing that at our core we really do care.  It is just great to see and provides us with a reminder to do our part. 

Loving life when I do the right thing

Euclid, who would have known

Travel enough places on the THPL journey and we see a lot and observe a lot.  And it is up to us if we are going to take it all in or just go by and miss an opportunity to enrich our lives.  It could be as simple as seeing a street named Euclid, maybe even more than once during our travels and then wondering why such an obscure, non-intuitive name would be a common street name.  A quick Google search and we find out Euclid was a Greek guy who did a lot of math-related things. He's famous for geometry in particular: angles, shapes and whatnot.  So, looks like people are interested in math or geometry and want it to be nearby and not just in a text book.  So, here’s to being creative and fun and enjoying life in so many different ways. 

Loving life when I am learning

The right gear

The more we push ourselves along the THPL journey the more we realize that gear is not only an essential part of every adventure or sport or activity that we are involved in it will affect our performance and the way that we feel about the activity.  Cold weather, warm weather, long distances, hard matches, the list goes on – the more we do the more we need.  And when we do use the right gear amazing things can happen.  Most recently many of us followed Colin O’Brady as he traveled across Antarctica. With the right gear, he was able to be warm when sleeping and said that the boots he had kept his feet warm even to 80 degrees below zero.  So, let’s be inspired by the fact that the right gear can even keep you warm in the coldest weather on earth and find the proper gear for ourselves as we take on our next challenge, take time to master our favorite pastime or just want to enjoy what we are doing

Loving life when I have the right gear

How we think

We know what direction our THPL life should go.  We know we what we want to do and who we want to become.  And for the most part, we know what we need to do to get there.  So, then life is really all about attitude and how we think., right?  When we bring the right attitude, it all becomes possible.  The best part is we, each, own this one.  And from here we realize that with the right attitude we will only have good days and great days.   It is not about getting everything – that is unrealistic.  Instead, when we bring the right attitude, we get more done, we make our life better – we are proud of who we are.  So, let’s start with our attitude and then see a lot fall in place behind it

Loving life when I bring the right attitude

Let’s stay on track

We are a few days into the new year and all should be well at this point.  Not too many distractions to get in the way of our goals and or resolutions.  And for the most part we would all have a good feeling about what it is that we are setting out to do in the new year.  So, given we know what to do, what the risks are (to keep going) and how to make sure we stay on track it is important that we use this to our advantage.  Let’s avoid all of the known obstacles and look for things that keep us motivated and on to getting it done.  When we do this we keep to the plan we set ourselves and accomplish way more than we would otherwise have been able to.

Loving life when I stay on track

The simplicity of it

When we step back and look at how our life evolves and what it is that brings us to a level of our own high performance it sometimes seems that we must be making it too hard to get there.  We should be making more progress, more quickly…And yet sometimes we are not.  So, maybe we need to step back and figure out what is in the way, once we do we can follow the right path that leads us to high performance and how to stay on track.  And from our figuring we can put in place a few simple rules of thumb that will help us stay on track, like:

·      Have an increased focus on what is really important in our lives and making it a priority every day.

·       Work to bring a greater sense of calm to our life so that when the distractions come our way they do not stick.

·       Be present (in the moment).  Don’t multi-task, it can wait, get done what we need and then move on to the next task

We can add to this list and use it every day as our guidepost.  Simple yes, impactful for sure, lasting in its benefit, absolutely.

Loving life when I keep it simple and on track

In search of equality

The base principles of the THPL journey are that every one of us, regardless of race, gender, background, creed, are all equal and deserving of the way that we want to live our own version of the high performance life.  There is no one who should get in the way of each of us seeking to create the best version of ourselves.  Sadly, this is not universally held to be true and we have to commit part of our journey to focus on how to improve the circumstances of others.  It was enlightening and also exhilarating to see that on January 1, 2019, 5 million women in the southern Indian state of Kerala lined up shoulder to shoulder to form a “women’s wall” 385 miles long. The wall was a statement of gender equality, and a call to end violent protests against women trying to enter Kerala’s Sabarimala temple, a pilgrimage site for Hindus. We have to all support this type of a powerful show of unity letting the world know that we are done with gender-based violence.  It starts now….

Loving life when I support equality across the board

Time to play

We all know that while we can push ourselves to do more and to take on challenges there is nothing like allowing ourselves to play.  To be able to play we have to open our minds, open our hearts and allow ourselves to say yes, that is possible, I can do that, let’s give it a try.  So where do we look for inspiration, inside yes, outside for sure…. it can come from others we know, from that which we read, from that which we see and experience.  All we have to do is to take 100 seconds to watch this video made by the Solomon company to be inspired to play.  In their support of so many athletes and active people they bring their mission to all of us to grab a hold of and to build from.  Here goes – time to play…

Loving life when I am inspired to play more

The best version of me

As we step into 2019 and we feel energized and motivated to make 2019 better than 2018 it is important for us to not only make commitments to what it is we want to do, it is actually more important to think about how to stay true to those commitments and get them done.  And it all starts with a simple acknowledgment to create a better version of ourselves.  An explicit statement to ourselves that we are not going to let ourselves down.  We are going to care more about our follow through and step into what is possible when we do this.  When we make this as a sincere commitment with an understanding of the implications that it brings then we can deliver on self-improvement, new challenges, what others can expect from us and so much more.  So, here’s to creating that best version of ourselves – no better way to start the year!

Loving life when I am creating the best version of myself


Happy New Year

We move forward on our journey with dates that create markers for us.  Moments that allow for reflection and opportunity.  A time to realize that it is looking forward that is what life really is about – the power to build what it is we want 2019 to look like.  New Year’s Day delivers for us 365 days to use as we see fit, our opportunity to get closer to our version of THPL and what is possible when we put ourselves into our life in a very deep way.  It truly is an exciting moment – a time to raise our expectations and to prove, yet again, that we can do more than we think we can.   Here’s to an amazing 2019 -  Happy New Year! 
Loving life when I get ready for an amazing new year

New Years' Resolutions

We all know that the THPL journey in and of itself gets us doing more than we would ordinarily do, it sets us up for success, it puts us in a good community and it reminds us every day that we need to live our best version of ourselves.  So, as we think about what we might resolve to do in the new year we have to think about the implications of the word “resolution”, the word resolve means “a firm determination to do something”.   It is a very powerful word and we should not think about it lightly.  We have to be true to our mission and that means that we take our commitments seriously and we make these commitments understanding their implications.  So, what if we enter 2019 with resolutions – maybe just three of them – enough to make a difference, not too much to make it hard to accomplish.  So before too long let’s each fill in the following:
In 2019 I resolve to…………
In 2019 I resolve to…………
In 2019 I resolve to…………
And let’s have them handy to remind ourselves as the year progresses that we have made this commitment to ourselves – a firm determination to do something.  Yes, that is it – 2019 is feeling even better and better.
Loving life when I resolve to….

living bigger

The opportunity that comes with a new year is one of the more unique that we get while on our journey.  We can think about the turn of the year as just another day, no big deal, just another moment in time.  Or we can think about how we use the turn of the year as an opportunity to build our plan for how to live bigger.  What is it that we want to do with our time, with our lives in the new year – we can have general ideas like eating better, get stronger or we can create specific goals like read a book a month, run a marathon, go to a place we have never been to.  This is our opportunity to live bigger, let’s not miss it, it’s time to embrace the turn of the new year.  Let's start building our plan!  
Loving life when I live bigger

why not.....wait

As if it was not extraordinary enough that Colin O’Brady made it across Antarctica he decided to camp out at the finish line and wait till Lou Rudd completed essentially the same challenge.  Colin felt that it would be appropriate to wait until Lou finished so that he could congratulate him.  Staying in 20-40 below zero for a few extra days to do the “right thing” is just remarkable.  Such an amazing show of humanity, compassion, and support.   Lou completed his challenge two days after Colin and became only the second person ever to ski solo and unassisted across Antarctica.   His accomplishments as an adventurer are documented and amazing and he deserves the same accolades that anyone who has taken on a huge challenge and completed it should get.  So, here’s to both finishers – may they get warm in the near future and inspire all of us to do something that feels uncomfortable but is worth every minute of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Loving life when I wait for the next person to finish