Surprise Someone

We can get all too focused on our high performance journey and miss the opportunity to step beyond ourselves and do something nice for someone, known or unknown.  Once we get it in our head that we can step into this opportunity and surprise someone we can set out on a path to do exactly that.  It can be simple as a hug, or bigger, like an offer to help with some hard stuff.   As we get deeper and deeper into this part of the journey, we realize that surprising someone (in a good way) is rewarding, meaningful, and giving all at the same time.  It is the kind of place that once we find it, we want to spend time there.  The return for each of us is big and it serves as a reminder that we can make a difference – one person or one idea at a time. 

Loving life when I surprise someone


A day after day effort is really what the journey is about.  At some level, it can be tiring and at another level it is exhilarating.  We balance the two and for the most part we “tip” positive.  To get there though, with all of the potential for drag or distraction requires willpower.  Webster’s tells us that “willpower is control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.”  And while it is hard to know why some of us have willpower and some do not there are a lot of opportunities to work on building up our willpower by testing and talking, by pushing ourselves actively and staying accountable to our commitments. With a bit of focus and diligent practice, we can make willpower an intrinsic part of who we are and benefit from it every day we are on our journey.

Loving life when I have willpower

Fire me up

We have it inside us, it is the motivation that pushes us forward, it is the fuel that we need to keep moving forward on our journey.  And yet there are some times when we hit that moment when we are not as “on” as usual, when we want to do more and take on that next challenge.  It would be good for us then, to know and understand what it is that fire’s us up – where do we get our energy, what is it that triggers us to want to be better, to do more.  It is a good exercise for us to do, take a moment and we can think about when were we most engaged and why, when did we push harder and why, and when did we feel at our best…and why?  The answers are there for us to harvest and then there for us to use, to fire us up, to give us a new sense of purpose and to motivate us to go as hard as we can.  Let’s invest some time in building that process and flow that gets us fired up and ready to go – the effort will be worth it and the result even better

Loving life when I am fired up!

The hitchhikers journey

There are many ways to get around on our journey.  Most of them we write about and talk about all the time, running, biking, hiking, driving and more.  We often, though, don’t consider the hitchhiker’s journey.  When pressed to think about it we very quickly think of a journey that has real feeling, that is a bit more raw, that is closer to what life is really like.  A life of freedom and choice, where we can count on each other to help and we can explore without worry new opportunities knowing that the normal burdens we carry should be dropped by the side of the road as we continue on our journey, hopefully, free of some of the burdens that we carry with us.  The video below touches on these topics and feelings and gives us a sense of what is possible when we step up to the side of the road to look for a ride to our next destination….and it comes…..bearing a smile….of course, it does.

Loving life when I can hitchhike my way to my next destination

St. Patrick’s Day

A key part of the THPL journey is learning and while we often do that passively we have the opportunity to spend a little time each day learning.  With today being St. Patrick’s Day, it seems appropriate to learn a bit about St. Patrick and how we came to celebrate this day.   Seems there was this Patrick was born in the 4th century, kidnapped at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped and returned to convert the Irish to Christianity. By the time of his death on March 17, 461, he had established monasteries, churches, and schools.

It was emigrants, particularly in the United States who transformed St. Patrick’s Day into a largely secular holiday of revelry and celebration of all things Irish. The first time it was celebrated was St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston in 1737, followed by NYC in 1762 and on and on.  Now Irish and non-Irish alike commonly participate in the “wearing of the green”—sporting an item of green clothing or a shamrock, in the lapel. Corned beef and cabbage are associated with the holiday, and even beer is sometimes dyed green to celebrate the day.  So, let’s enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and thank him for what he did for all of us (directly or indirectly)

Loving life when it is St. Patrick’s Day

A good laugh

We know, for sure, that we can get rather serious about our journey.  We set our goals, we measure our progress, we push hard and then more times than not we achieve our goals and then we do it again.  It is a good pattern and one that when perfected makes for a truly fulfilled life.  There is though, the risk, that in our seriousness to pursue our goals that we miss the opportunity to inject humor into our lives.  That we forget that it is ok to be silly, to tell a joke, to laugh and to just have some fun with no outcome truly required.  We know it innately, that when we laugh it just feels good and it might even feel better when someone else makes us laugh.  So, let’s make it a priority to have fun and laugh and to do it often.  It will have a lasting positive impact on others and ourselves and this journey we are on will just get better.…

Loving life when I am laughing

Youth Climate Strike

There is little that can be better than when independent, caring, thoughtful people take on a cause and put themselves out there for the benefit of others (and in this case the world).  Today, March 15th, around the world in at least 1,659 towns and cities in 105 countries, hundreds of thousands of young people will strike to bring focus to climate change and the negative impact that it is having on the earth.  The recognition of the importance of the topic and this movement was set firm with the announcement that Greta Thunberg 15, the founder of the Youth Strike for Climate movement, has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize.  What started as a solo protest has inspired students around the world to have their voices heard so that more will be done to stem the damage that climate change and global warming have had on the earth and will continue to do so without action, by all of us.  Let’s all take a moment and think about how we can help, how we can support, how we can empower the youth who are doing their part to save the planet.  A good thing for sure… 

Loving life when I am supporting the Youth Climate Strike

National Nutrition Month

We know that the only way to make it through our journey is to consume the right foods, make better choices about what we eat and to be aware of how our activities intersect with how we eat.  It is good to be focused on nutrition and most of us need as much help as we can get in making the right eating and nutrition decisions.  As it turns out March is National Nutrition Month an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign celebrated each year since 1980 focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. It is really worth having these kinds of reminders and resources available to us.  The more that we know, the more that we talk about nutrition, the higher the probability we will really align how we eat with our overall life performance. So, let’s make the commitment to celebrating National Nutrition month and use it to its fullest.

Loving life when I am eating right!

Lessons from the trail

We all know that there are lessons to be learned on our journey.  Some are learned the hard way and others, well, we can benefit from the experiences of others.  Midway through the 2019 version of the Iditarod annual trail sled dog race the lead team had a bit of an issue develop and the musher yelled at one of the dogs and then the rest of the dog team decided not to run anymore.  Apparently, they did not like how one of their teammates was treated.  So, they lost their five-hour advantage sitting on the side of the trail and with that, the opportunity to win was out the window.  Huh, maybe we can think of this as a unique experience on the trail, or, we can think about how important it is to treat any member of our team.  Team members are always watching and whether implicated or not they get to choose how to perceive a situation.  Maybe we should think about how we get done what we need to – that we need not get perfect performance but rather coordinated and empowered performance.  A bit of reflection and we will realize that it is better to do coaching in private, be positive amongst a group, and most of all realize that the team does not have to follow us – it is their choice and it is indeed a good reminder for where the balance of power really does lie…..  

Loving life when I am learning and learning again

Planning ahead

Just think about it – if this was our year to climb Mt. Everest we would, right now, be in the stages of final prep, heading to Nepal by end of March to be able to attempt a summit climb in May.  With big challenges or projects like climbing Mt. Everest it seems quite logical – we could not just go and show up – we would need years of training and planning and then the final push still requires months of time to get ready for the climb of the tallest mountain in the world.  Maybe we are not going to climb Mt. Everest but we are going to take on some big challenges in our lives and we are going to need to give ourselves enough time to get prepped and ready for the big event.  So, let’s pick out a big challenge, let’s give ourselves enough time, let’s plan and prep and then let’s get it done.  It will be our Everest and for sure we will make our own summit with the right plan!

Loving life when I am planning ahead

In earnest

When committed to the THPL journey we do it with resolve and commitment to get it done – whatever “it” is.  And as we press into all of our challenges and activities we need to remain true to being better, better listeners, better at our craft, better as humans.  To do this we need to push hard and then know when to back off.  We need to seek feedback and understand what to do with it.  We need to get beyond ourselves and connect to the goals not just our opinion of how to get them done.  When we do it in earnest, we can combine our drive with a good logical mind to balance push and pull and get a better outcome.  It is a fair and good challenge for us, one that is worth the effort.

Loving life when I do things in earnest.

One less hour

For some of us we give up an hour this weekend – yes, we are moving to Daylight Savings again.  The move to Daylight Savings an idea that might have passed us by.  Its relevance less relevant and the potential to make the move and leave it there ever more possible.  And until then we have to think about how we lose that one hour and still get done what we need to get done.  A bit less sleep, and then the days get longer, or just that the sun sets a bit later each day.  Maybe we will just keep it that way one day and we can keep that hour and just get a bit more done.

Loving life when I the days get a bit longer

Top of the world

There are probably few places on earth that people know about more than Mt. Everest.  It is a place that brings along with it feelings of awe and fear, of challenge and beauty and of things far away from the everyday.  It is an inspiring place and one that is captivating for sure. And as we continue on our journey we can use Mt. Everest as an image of what we can think about as we are seeking to think of what we might otherwise not seek out to do. We can then use Everest as a metaphor for the hard challenges that we want to take on – what is our Everest is a good question and when we figure out what we want it to be then we can build a plan to make it happen.  Seeing it unfold before us is a good way to help with the visualization and this video is inspiring for sure.   Watching it might just get us inspired to plan our next adventure.  Enjoy and do go for it and enjoy it along the way.

 Loving life when I am looking at the top of the world

Just one thing…

Every day of our journey we make choices, lots of them, what we do, what we do not do and so on.  And in each of these decisions, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on how we go about it or what we do.  Let’s see if we can make a big positive move that starts with a small action.  What if each day we challenged ourselves to do just one thing that would be good for the earth, something that would save resources, conserve, take care of what we have.  It could be as simple as using a little less water, recycling one thing, using one less disposable item…it is for us to think about what we can do to help the earth, yes, reduce, reuse, recycle is a good mantra and it is up to us to make our impact by just doing one thing each day. Imagine what the world will be like if millions of people did their one thing every day – wowza!  for sure

Loving life when I make my daily contribution

Running in the rain

It is something that we dread, we get ready to go for a run (or a hike or a walk) and we look out the window and there it is rain, and we pause.  What to do now?  Change our plans? Not go out at all? We evaluate each option and after a bit of hesitation, we realize that there is no choice but to go out.  The rain is just a distraction, not a blocker.  The rain is a good test of how to think about what we are doing and how it prepares us for what else we can do.  Overcoming the hesitation on something as simple as running the rain helps us with other choices that we will be confronted with.  Just because there is a bit of difficulty in the way there is no reason to abandon our plans.  We are geared up on our journey to keep going, to get more out of life by doing more, to be in control, and not let exogenous circumstances to take us off our game plan.  Here’s to running in the rain and everything else that feels like it.  Feels good, for sure…

Loving life when I am running in the rain

Be better

Yes, the journey is the journey, that is, it is what we make of it.  We can go as far as we want but to get there, we have to put more into it.  The focus required to take it to the next level is as important as the resolve we have to be better.  It takes a willingness to go harder, to get uncomfortable, to go beyond what we have been doing.  We need to look inside, is it what we really want, do we want to be better?  Only we know the answer.  Ask the question – what is your better?  Then act on it.  Yes, it is that simple…..Be better

Loving life when I am better

The sky above us

All too often when on our journey we look to the night sky and see, well, not very much.  Light pollution hides the beauty that surrounds us, the stars and the planets, our neighbors above.  There is a spirit that we feel when we can connect with that which is beyond our reach, a magical sense of bigger and humbling all at the same time.  Interestingly, it is always there whether we can see it or not and maybe we just need to put a bit of effort into connecting to the sky above us.  We can go out late at night and look up, we can find darker places that allow the ambient stars to show themselves or we can explore a bit of what is out there through video shot in special places that make us feel much closer and connected.  The filmmakers of Astronomers Paradise capture what our sky really looks like, from the Atacama region in Chile at 16,400 feet with patience and inspiration they shot this film that is captivating for sure.  ….

Let’s enjoy the view, if for now, even from our screen, it is a good reminder of how we fit and feel in this amazing universe that we are part of…..

Loving life when the stars are above lighting the way

Three degrees

Yes, it is March and for most of the world, it is still winter.  The start of March does not signal warm weather ahead, rather it is a reminder that the cold north winds still do blow, snow is more common in March than January and wishful thinking will do nothing to change how the weather plays out.  And so, when the temperature drops to 3 degrees F, we might be tempted to try to find a reason not to go outside but what we need to do is embrace the weather and go get in that run, that walk that, that slope side activity.  There is nothing to wait for – we just need to dress correctly, be slightly more vigilant and enjoy the time outside.  We can have some of our best times when the weather is just a bit more challenging.  We are tough and will benefit when we get it going….three degrees here we come….

Loving life when I get outside

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Just across the Canadian border lies the town of Banff, home to amazing mountains, a spectacular outside playground, and the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival.  A fitting place to get a dose of THPL inspiration.  It is hard not to feel the tug to the outdoors when you see the beauty that is all around you and yet for some, it might be hard to get to Banff or be at the film festival and so they did what we all hoped they would they took the show on the road.  Across the U.S. and the world, many of the epic films that played at the festival are being played in theatres near where we live and thus the opportunity to experience the amazing, rad, extreme, heartwarming stories that have found their way into this Banff platform.  Watching any of the series of movies created for, or found by, the Festival is a treat and another catalyst for action.  So, if winter has us a bit off center, or we are just looking to renew and revive then it is time to find our way to a local version of the Banff World Tour and have a great time! 

Loving life when I see amazing people on film

One and the same

On our journey, we can be inspired by so many different things.  People, actions, nature, art, ideas, and more.  It sort of doesn’t matter what ignites the inspired feeling, nor does it matter what it moves us to do.  What matters is that we find catalysts all around us that make us feel different, better, bigger, loved, inspired to do something.  We know the feeling – it flows through us – all energy – all good.  And then we act and do, or think and plan, or share and ignite.   This video has a way of telling us that at every level we are indeed one and the same – not that different and yet very different but all connected and loving it that way.  Here’s to the storytellers who inspire us and remind us that indeed we are one and the same and that is a good thing.

Loving life when I am inspired