10,000 pull-ups

Goals are the “secret sauce” in one’s life.  They keep you focused, they draw a line to where you need to go and they enable you to achieve more than you would otherwise.  Each of us have within us an enormous capability, capacity and potential to achieve big goals and the THPL “life question” is; are we going to find a way to tap into it.  Are we interested in finding out what is possible for us to achieve?  And if we are, do we have the wherewithal to create a stretch goal to make it happen?

One pull-up can seem hard to do and 25,000 next to impossible.  And because it seemed so improbable to do that many pull-ups I set 25,000 pull-ups as one of my core goals for 2014.  The first milestone on the journey to 25k has been hit! 10,000 pull-ups completed as of April 15th.  There is something about that 10k number that just feels big – it feels like a real accomplishment, one that it is hard to argue against and one that makes it a milestone of a level that demonstrates everything that THPL stands for is legitimate.  No hyperbole, just good focus and execution, with a dose of grit and perseverance to get me through those challenging moments when I was sore, lacking in time, and/or disinterested in repetition.  What is your pull-up challenge?  Do you have one? If not then maybe now is the right time to reach for the improbable.  What do you think?  Have fun!  I know I am.

Loving Life and pull-up after pull-up after pull-up.