THPL is a way of life, yes, it is our guidepost, our journey, our framework for how to live to the goal of high(er) performance.  And as much as it provides structure, it also serves as our platform for challenges, new adventures and explorations.  We are encouraged to take on our own challenges when we see others pushing themselves to new limits and when we hear stories of great successes we celebrate. 

And, so it is, therefore, expected, that we would take on a new challenge from time to time.  And when we do, we do so with good intent.  “I am going to ……” it is a good starting point.  The question is are we true to the follow through?  What accountability are we committed to?  We might start with a good plan and even make some real progress but did we drive to the end?  Did we keep going when we were no longer interested?  The THPL tells us that indeed we need to stay true to the follow through and to being accountable to our commitments.  Thus I am obligated to follow up on a challenge that I took on in parallel to the 3,000 mile challenge (dated September 25th 2013).  In that challenge I contemplated running 100 days at 10 miles a day.  And I am happy to report that I did make it to the end of this challenge.  Yes, it was physically challenging but after a while a ten mile run became the norm.  The real challenge lay in the mental struggle that was there from time to time when ten miles did not seem all that easy to do.  During these moments I dug deep and reconnected to the goal.  It was a 100 day commitment – not a 60 day commitment and so I pressed forward.  The days rolled on and when the 100th day was reached I had a sense of relief.  It was over - the goal met.  With my new found feeling of true satisfaction having accomplished that which I had previously thought was a stretch (to say the least) I realized I had learned a valuable lesson – achieving goals is all about the accountability and commitment to the goal.  It is easy to state, hard to continue and most of all really challenging to finish.  That stated – it is what we live for – our THPL platform driving us forward to accomplish more than we would have thought possible – yes indeed, we would not trade it for anything else

Loving life and staying true to my commitments