110 degrees

 Phoenix in the summer is hot – I have been told it is a dry heat.  Not sure that it matters all that much when it is 110+ degrees, but I will take the “perspective” and build on it.  At 110 degrees we can find a lot of  good reasons not to go out and exercise.  And for sure this might well be the right thing to do.  But before we find yet another reason to not to go out and be active I offer that there are a few thoughts / ideas that improve the odds of getting our workout in – regardless of weather, conditions, etc. 

Planning – when you plan your work for the week – plan in your exercise routine.  Define it as a meeting and stick to it just like you would any work related meeting or other like commitment

Mantra – Everyday start by telling yourself that you will do the best that you can do for that day.  Some days it will be fast and other days slower – but it is the day-in and day-out that really keeps you making progress.  Getting done is more important than anything

Preparation – Get your gear ready, be prepared to go to the gym or on your run,  or to your class etc. Once you do the planning and preparation you have little reason not to go

Motivation – Find whatever keeps you going – meeting your goals, keeping up with others, reaching for new heights.   Bring it to the forefront of how you go at your workout and you will find a way to get it done

Loving life, and running in 110 degrees.