Valley Uprising

This year is the 150 anniversary of Yosemite Park, a park that has about 4 million visitors a year.  It really is a destination that everyone on the THPL journey should visit.  It has been called John Muir’s granite cathedral and Disneyland for outdoor enthusiasts.  And as I was cruising the web I came upon a trailer for Valley Uprising, a movie that is in limited release round the country.  Valley Uprising is the documentary about the epic history of climbing in Yosemite and the overall counter cultural roots of outdoor sports.  I think if ever there were a group of “crazy” people, they were the habitants of Camp 4 in Yosemite.  What is really interesting is that these so called anti-establishment climbing rats became the founders and operators of gear and clothing companies used extensively in the pursuit of a wide-array of outdoor activities, including Yves Chouinard (Patagonia) and Royal Robbins (clothing in his name sold at REI).  It is also worth noting that they guys and the entire movement in Yosemite had an indirect role to play in the start of the THPL community.  They were my inspiration for many years and they taught me how to think about taking on challenges and normalizing them in the most abnormal of ways.  These guys are heroes for many of us and I do hope that you can support the film and get to know a bit more about true adventurers and the spirit that they carried with them every day and everywhere they went.  I thought minimally that you would enjoy the trailer.  And maybe you will then be inspired to see the film

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