No Good Reason

 There are a lot of lessons that we learn, each day, and a lot of ways that we get stronger and better as we traverse our way through our own version of THPL.  And there are those in our community that we admire from afar and often wonder, why are they doing better with their THPL life.  And after some conversation and reflection there seemed to be a consistent theme.  It appears that the “higher” peformers have given up traditional worrying.  They took to the attitude that they would wait for something real to worry about – not just something that might happen.  It was, according to them, irrational to worry about that which they had no control over nor something that more than likely would not occur.  And with this decision they gave themselves more power – no energy is lost, not compromised by worry and with this new found power more becomes possible and so on and so on.  Indeed – no worrying equals improved performance!  Time to change how we think and make our THPL journey more fun, less burdensome and highly effective.

Loving life without a worry in the world