Step Away From the Chair

As I trained for the Leadville Trail 100 run I forced myself to stand more than sit.  I figured if I was going to run for almost 30 hours I would need to get used to standing for long periods of time.  And as I went through this process I discovered that there is a strong pull inside us to get us to sit.  Chairs are like magnets for your bottom – the closer you get to a chair the faster you will sit down.  Standing next to a chair takes mental as well as physical effort to resist the urge to sit.  And we all know that sedentary behavior increases the risk of many “bad” things happening. Sitting certainly does not move us further on our journey to THPL living.  And the alternative is not all about running or exercise.  Just getting up to talk to people, doing household chores, walking to a meeting – all of these count.  The push is to think about how to increase your movement and how to decrease the amount of time that we spend sitting.  Get creative – challenge yourself – make it fun – before you know it you will feel better and you will be ready to take the next step(s) (pun intended) on your THPL journey.  Yes, for sure, when we do this we are better for it and a role model for others to copy.

Loving life standing and smiling