Training with a Twist

THPL does make sure that we keep learning front and center in our lives.  We know that need to push new content into our brain ever day – we need to make sure that we exercise our mind just as much as we do our body.  This harmony makes for a better life – this is what we know. 

What is interesting is to think about another way of looking at learning and preparation.  The approach stems from the idea that we can change our performance if we practice visualization or specific relaxation techniques.  It requires a discipline to think about how you are going to create the outcome you need for your top performance.  To do so you need to have a mind-body connection that’s strong enough to get you to stop worrying about the people around you, the potential for failure, or any other undesirable outcome.  And so the suggestion is; take time before you go after your personal best, take the time to think about how you will get there, see it in your mind, feel it in your heart, set in your soul.  Use the time to make sure that you are relaxed so you maximum performance can come through.  Visualization and relaxation will make a difference – you just have to make time and commitment to it.  I bet you will truly see better results. 

Loving life seeing where I am going before I get there