Be Brave

There are a lot of challenges and obstacles that we find as we work our way through our THPL journey.  You might even have a mental list – Life….yes there are quite a few issues; Learning….never seem to do enough; Fitness, not enough time.  It might take some bravery to get over the obstacles that are in your way.  Do you think you think you have what it takes to be brave? It seems to me that brave plays a role when when we feel fear or some discomfort – that there is apprehension in moving forward,  that we do not want to take on the challenge. And so I think we      need to embrace bravery as part of our path forward.

Maybe what we need to do is to think about what it is that keeps us from moving forward.  Is it comfort where you are?  Is it the uncertainty of what might happen?  Do you have a lack of confidence?  No support?  There are a lot of practical reasons why we hesitate.  There are also a few good techniques that can get us past these moments and make us brave. 

  • Think novice/beginner – be naïve – you try it because you don’t know any better. 
  • Staying where you are guarantees you will not get it done.  Giving it a try at least increases the odds of completing.  
  • Find some support in your THPL network.  Knowing they have your back, regardless of the outcome makes it a bit easier to try what you might otherwise avoid.

I am sure that there are other techniques – the key is that we just need to get that feeling of bravery in our heart – that we have to press forward – that the act of bravery is what gets us close to THPL and further towards our goals of better and better performance.  Give it a try next week, be brave, something great, will come of it!/

Loving life whenever I am brave